Innovative Sheep Handling Equipment

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Weigh, Sort, Inject, Drench, Foot-Pare and Tag Sheep | All From One Position!

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Shepherdsmate Mobile Sheep Handling System was said by users to convert a chore which they might have preferred to avoid into a low-stress, comfortable husbandry operation. This compact sheep handler system is in three parts.

  • The Sheep Race has vertical sheeted sides, an expanded metal floor which is self cleaning, and 4 non-return flaps. The sheep has a clear view through the system on entry.
  • The Sheep Handling System is adjustable for height, has a foot operated back restraint, an independent floor linked to the scales, a turning frame and a unique three-way one lever operated drafting gate.
  • The Footbath attaches to the drafting gate, remote control exit gate and the medication is held, for economy and safety reasons, in 50mm thick sponge pad in the bath.



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