Mobile Sheep Handling Yard

Our Mobile Sheep Handling Yard offers Superb Quality and Value for Money with the following features:-

  • One man operation
  • Mobile moving ease from site to site with quad or vehicle
  • Easy assembled
  • Sheep at user hand level
  • Minimal man handling, increasing speed and encouraging animal management
  • Improving animal health – easy drenching, footparing and dagging, no-splash foot bath
  • Accurate weighing and easy condition scoring
  • Fitted with light system
  • Additional gates can be transported on unit
  • Auto drafting and auto weighing can be added at later date


The Shepherdsmate Mobile Sheep Handling yard is the ideal equipment to exploit the management potential of EID. The existing weigh scales can be replaced easily by digital readable unit ones connected to a hand held reader. As the animal is isolated on the weigh platform all management decisions are reinforced by knowing its identity and record. The three way drafting gate can be used straightaway to act upon the decision taken. Grant approved.


Solutions is a leading provider of agricultural software and electronic tag reading hardware. Read more on the TGM Software website >>


The weigh system is integrated into the handling point thereby allowing fat lambs to be selected without re-drafting.

Weighing at the handling point means accurate doses of wormer can be administered. Weighing, rather than a specific exercise, becomes part of the handling routine allowing greater monitoring of your flock’s condition.


The three way drafting gate, after the weigh scales, allows up to three selected groups to be divided. One handed operation of the gate.


The turner, which automatically adapts to the size of the sheep enables footparing and dagging to be done without the sheep struggling and without strain on the operator’s back.


Easy flow race with non-return flaps, that sheep are not reluctant to go along.

The foot operated restraining gate, at the rear of the handling pen, leaves both hands free and allows occupant only handling.

The whole machine is adjustable to suit the height of the farmer.

The addition of the foot bath into the system allows regular care for the sheep’s feet. The restraining gate at the end, operated from the handling point, means the farmers can control the time spent in the foot bath


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