Quality, Value for Money, Mobile Sheep Handling Race

A Mobile Sheep Handling Race is ideal for handling sheep for inspecting, injecting, drenching, weighing or any other treatment which requires the sheep to be standing still and tightly packed to limit movement.

Where separation is needed, a three way diversion gate is featured to sort the sheep into anyone of three groups.

The Shepherdsmate Mobile Sheep Handling Race benefits from the following features:

  • Road Wheels for ease of transportation from site-to-site
  • 3-way divert gate for flock division
  • Non return flaps to encourage forward movement of sheep
  • Race can be solid fixed in farm yard if required
  • Can carry up to 30 penning gates
  • No need to remove the wheels or to remove the drawbar prior to use
  • Winch for raising and lowering the unit
  • Sheep are standing at hand height – minimises risk of back strain
  • Fixed lighting system for road transportation
  • Lockable hitch to prevent theft


A footbath is an essential addition to a mobile race for sheep footcare.  The footbath is designed to provide suitable protection to the sheep to maximise their safety and comfort.  The restraining gate at the end is operated from the central handling point, ensuring that you can control the amount of time spent in the footbath.  Key features include:

  • Race is linked to footbath with 8ft hurdles
  • Can be extended in 8ft sections
  • Available with polyurethane sheet or unsheeted
  • Footbath is manufactured from PVC with raised profile / anti slip flooring
  • Anti-splash sponge can also be fitted if required
  • Guillotine gate at end of footbath, which can be opened or closed with one-hand operation from the central position of the unit.

Mechanical and Digital Weighing

A digital or mechanical weighing system can be added to the main handling unit for weighing sheep.  This feature allows lambs to be selected by weight without re-drafting.  It also allows you to select the appropriate does for the weight of the animal.  This feature will improve your overall flock management as it allows for easy and accurate monitoring of the animals’ condition.  The digital weighing system with bluethooth is compatible with all flock management systems.

Rollover Mechanism

Ensure the comfort of your flock with a rollover mechanism within the race.  The mechanism is fitted with canvas material, keeps sheep at hand height for your comfort, features rubber sides so as to avoid the sheep’s head or legs getting caught during the handling process, and adapts automatically to the size of the adult sheep or small lamb.  The mechanism is also removable when not required and can be replaced by a PVC panel when rollover is not in use.

Forcing Pen

A circular forcing pen is situated behind the race to hold the sheep in place before guiding them into the race.  A key feature is the swing and slide gate, which revolves clockwise and then slides through it’s hinge system to allow the farmer bring more sheep into the forcing pen.  This means the gate is not opening against the sheep as the farmer is filling the forcing pen.

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