N.Ireland Farm Business Improvement Scheme Grant Package



The Innovative
Sheep Handling System

Single Operator
Weigh, Sort, Inject, Drench, Foot-Pare and Tag
All From One Position!

Shepherdsmate equipment was said by users to convert a chore which they might have preferred to avoid into a low-stress, comforable husbandry operation. This compact system is in three parts.

The Race has vertical sheeted sides, an expanded metal floor which is self cleaning, and 4 non-return flaps. The sheep has clear view through the system on entry.

The Handling Unit is adjustable for height, has a foot operated back restraining, an independent floor linked to the scales, a turning frame and a unique three-way one lever operated-drafting gate.

The Footbath attaches to the drafting gate, remote control exite gate, and the medication is held, for economy and safety reason, in 50mm thick sponge pad in the bath.

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